Members: Raimonds Gusarevs, Matīss Akuraters, Edijs Vucēns, Žanete Skarule, Justīne Kulakova, Mārtiņš Dzenis, Uldis Kozlovskis, Katrīna Puriņa, Deers, Bears, Dusty Wolves, Eagles, Foxes, Diamonds, Silent Knights and Large Pleasures

Genre: Healing, Transcendent, Wild, Golden

Hometown: Riga

Website: http://www.myspace.com/elmarsmusic

Press Contact: raimonds.gusarevs@gmail.com

Artists We Also Like: Wolfovich Stevie Gee, Silent Knight, Beirut, TV on The Radio, Amanda Brett, Fleet Foxes, The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, Donovan, Iron and Wine

Biography: When diamond rain came down on the surface of the golden plateau. Thousands of rainbows appeared. The sun and the moon melt into one as dusty wolves howled fire three times. Thus one could look into the universe of a man through a hole in a skull that would open on a third day after. Large Pleasures indeed.


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